The Languages aspect of the curriculum is led by Mrs Beddows who currently teaches Y4 and from September 2016, Year 3 too.  We are supported by our local secondary school, Kingsway, in the delivery of the curriculum for Year 6.  Year 5 have placed an emphasis on the teaching of French culture.  The language we focus on at Etchells is French.

We use the iLanguages scheme of work to support our teaching; it enables us to deliver fun, interactive, digital lessons which also include lots of games and stories. The focus of the lessons is far ranging and includes topic areas such as greetings, classroom instructions, numbers, animals, festivals, colours, days of the week.

The lessons also cover aspects of grammar such as adjectives, gender, word order, connectives and definite (le,la, les) and indefinte articles (un/une). The vast majority of our teaching however, is based on speaking and listening rather than writing.

We also study the wider culture of France, for example key festivals and celebrations.  Bastille Day is celebrated in style at Etchells!  We study Geographical aspects of the country looking at key physical and human features as well as countries around the world where French is spoken.

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