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This year, I am introducing the idea of don't judge a book by its cover as well as 6R's Reading Loyalty Scheme.

Upon returning to school in September, the children will each receive a reading book that has been wrapped up so that they cannot see the cover. These books have been chosen specifically for each child to either read to an adult/older sibling, or to be read to them. These books are supposed to be challenging - this year we want to ensure the children are exploring a range of different writing structures and experiencing high level vocabulary. 

The children will also receive their reading loyalty card. For each book your child completes and can summarise, they will receive a sticker. The loyalty cards are split into bronze, silver and gold sections and each completed section results in a reading themed prize. Also, keep your eyes peeled for our online book reviews!

It is important that the children are reading a wide variety of fiction, non-fiction, poetry and playscripts (any of these text types could come up on the SATs papers!!)


Suggested fiction texts:

Suggested poetry books (scroll towards the bottom):

Suggested playscript resources: