In Science, this term, we will be looking at the classification of living things, evolution and inheritance. 

Autumn Term 1

Classification of Lego & Amazon rainforest animals

Firstly, the children put different Lego bricks into groups and discussed why they had sorted them this way. They were then given a range of different animals to sort into groups.

We then thought about the importance of having a specific system for classification and explored Carl Linnaeus' classification system. We researched different living things, classified them using this system and worked out the scientific names for each living thing using the Genus and the Species


We discussed the word "micro" and what it means which helped us to predict that microorganisms were things that could not be seen unless using a microscope. 

We looked at the different types of microorganims, including bacteria, fungus and viruses and discussed which were harmful and which were helpful. 

We then set up an experiment to investigate what makes mould grow, and what we could do to keep our food fresher for longer.