Below are a selection of links to games to help you with the concepts we cover in Year 4

Times table games

Timestables Speed test


Muliplication Crystal Crash

Hit the Button Game

6 Times table

7 Times table shoot out

8x table game- Climb the Tree


Place Value

Ordering decimals to 2 places game

Try this game to practise place value using 4 digits


Writing tenths and hundredths as decimals

Dividing 1 digit by 10 or 100

Dividing 2 digit by 10



Dividing 2 digit by 100


Co-ordinate games

Different Types of Triangles- select Triangle Sort - Symm



Recognise the angles

Parallel and Perpendicular lines

Handling Data

Scatter Graphs


Venn Diagrams


Carroll Diagrams

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