Science- All Living things and Animals including Humans

Sc4/1    Working Scientifically

  • asking relevant questions and using different types of scientific enquiries to answer them setting up simple practical enquiries, comparative and fair tests
  • making systematic and careful observations and, where appropriate, taking accurate measurements using standard units, using a range of equipment, including thermometers and data loggers
  •  gathering, recording, classifying and presenting data in a variety of ways to help in answering questions
  •  recording findings using simple scientific language, drawings, labelled diagrams, keys, bar charts, and tables
  • reporting on findings from enquiries, including oral and written explanations, displays or presentations of results and conclusions
  • using results to draw simple conclusions, make predictions for new values, suggest improvements and raise further questions
  • identifying differences, similarities or changes related to simple scientific ideas and processes
  • using straightforward scientific evidence to answer questions or to support their findings.

All Living Things

  • recognise that living things can be grouped in a variety of ways
  • explore and use classification keys to help group, identify and name a variety of living things in their local and wider environment
  • recognise that environments can change and that this can sometimes pose dangers to living things.

Here are some helpful websites for Jamaica


Animals including Humans

  • describe the simple functions of the basic parts of the digestive system in humans
  • identify the different types of teeth in humans and their simple functions
  • construct and interpret a variety of food chains, identifying producers, predators and prey.

This link can be used for Kahoot!

Looking at different types of teeth.

Click on the link and use this pincode 0770225

Use this link to research different animal diets, choose an omnivore, carnivore and an herbivore|811696014.


Zoo websites to help with the "Zoo Keeper for a Day" activity


Marwell Zoo click on a letter of the alphabet & then choose an animal


Chester Zoo click on Animals link, then choose an animal


London Zoo click on one of the animals groups down the left hand side of the page


Whipsnade Zoo click on an animal


Bristol Zoo click on one of the animal groups on the left hand side of the page


Colchester Zoo choose an animal from the list


Paignton Zoo click on a letter of the alphabet & then choose an animal


Dublin Zoo click on an animal group & then choose an animal

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