Amazing Animals

Date: 4th Feb 2016 @ 9:20pm

As part of our learning in Science we will be doing lots of work on naming and grouping animals. Do you know any amazing animal facts?

I found out that the only bears living in Peru are called spectacled bears because they have marking around their eyes like a pair of glasses!

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Liberty wrote:

I found out that our world used (millions of years ago that it was a super continent known as Pangea and single and multiple celled animal grew for example kangaroos which are marsupials grew in Australia a marsupial is an animal which has given birth to a baby and the baby is so tiny its a size of a pea!

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Suman(from year 6) wrote:

I found out in our science lesson about fossas: fossas are animals that live in Madagascar only. They can grow up to around 2 meters. And the biggest fossa ever to be weight measured was around 17kg and around 6 meters! And the fossas' tails are nearly the same length as it's body! I also found out that they are the largest land predators( eats other animals) in the island of Madagascar. Fossas eat lemurs, frogs, lizards! If you want to learn more simply visit Mrs Chapple(so sorry if I spell her name wrong).

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Maisie Hulston wrote:

a baby rabbit is called a kitten.

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Mishal wrote:

Animals that eat meat are called carnivores and animals that eat plants are called herbivores.

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Mrs Gale wrote:

I wonder what animal group a platypus would fit into?!

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Zohaib shakeel wrote:

Platypus is a carnivore because they eat other small animals. Humans are omnivores as we eat meat and plants.

Mrs Cleary wrote:

It's full name is duck- billed platypus! I wonder why.

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Kayley Sutcliffe (6L) wrote:

When I hear the word penguin the first thing that pops into my head is snowy Antarctica, but recently I have found out that some penguins live in Africa!🐧

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