Science at Etchells is led by Miss Hobson. As a core subject Science has a strong presence at Etchells. The children are enthusiastic scientists and take great pride in their work.

Within Early Years Science is woven into part of an exploration of the children's world around them. They can be seen exploring their natural environment during weekly welly walks, observing a plant grow and change over time and sorting different materials.

Science has 2 aspects of knowlegde and working scientifically. The skills needed to work scientifically such as observing and classifying are woven into activities covering the knowledge that is covered within each year group. The working scientifically skills are progressive and build on skills covered in  previous years.

During Key Stage 1 (year 1 and year 2) staff usually create Science activities linked to their topics. Children have explored, the best place to keep Paddington's sandwiches fresh  ( sadly, this was not under Paddington's hat!)  ice investigations and seasonal changes.

Science is covered as weekly lessons at Key Stage 2. Where possible staff continue to link Science activities to topics or give discrete lessons if this is more appropriate. A range if activities are covered, such as plant life cycles, habitats and a very popular unit on space. 

Please enjoy looking at our science photographs from across the school to give a flavour of the range of activities covered. 

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