School Uniform

Although school uniform is not compulsory at this age, we positively encourage the children to wear our recommended school uniform, and learn to take pride in their appearance.

  • Blue embroidered sweatshirts or cardigans (available from the office).
  • White polo shirt / blouse / shirt
  • Grey skirt / pinafore
  • Grey shorts / trousers
  • White / grey socks or tights
  • Black / Brown shoes (not trainers)
  • Optional Blue / Gold striped tie
  • Pale blue & white striped / checked dress for Summer term


PLEASE ENSURE THAT ALL YOUR CHILD’S CLOTHES ARE MARKED CLEARLY WITH HIS / HER NAME.  There are numerous websites providing name labels; one we partiulary recommend is  who produce stick on nametapes.  The product is of an excellent quality, reliable and guaranteed for 10 years.  If you order through the link below, the company donate 20% of every order to school



Children should not wear jewellery in school.  They may wear a watch.

Earrings should be restricted to studs or small sleepers.

Following LA Guidelines all jewellery must be removed for PE and swimming.

Your child will need a drawstring bag, available from the office, for his / her PE kit which they can then hang on their cloakroom peg.

Small school bags (which will fit inside your child’s classroom tray) may be purchased from the school office and can be used for carrying reading books and snacks.

Due to limited space we discourage children from bringing large bags to school.

An old shirt is recommended as a ‘cover up’ for art work and messy activities in Years 3 – 6.


Gym / Dance

Black shorts & White T-shirt 

Games / Outdoor Activities

  • Football Kit / Boots
  • Black shorts & white T-shirt (as above)
  • Pumps (KS1)
  • Trainers (KS2)
  • Tracksuits in colder weather

(Outside games take place all year round except in extreme weather conditions)

Swimming (Year 3 – 5)

  • Swimming costume / trunks (not long shorts)
  • Long hair tied up, swimming cap
  • Goggles should not be worn unless there is a medical reason.  If that is the case then parents should write to their child’s class teacher giving the reasons for the request.

Children are not exempt from National Curriculum Swimming Lessons (which are compulsory) without a Doctor’s Certificate.

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