Traditional Tales

Date: 19th Nov 2015 @ 9:08pm

Which is your favourite traditional story and why?

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Isaac wrote:

My favourite Story is the Three little pigs.
Because the wolf is really really funny when he can't blow the pigs house down!

Mrs Beddows wrote:

Thank goodness the pigs found the bricks to build the house! Did you feel sorry for the wolf a little bit at the end?

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Mrs Beddows wrote:

I like Goldilocks and the 3 bears. I love porridge, just like Goldilocks!! I can't believe how naughty Goldilocks is though. I'm glad she doesn't live near me! Do you think the 3 bears should make friends with Goldilocks in the end?

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Mrs Gale wrote:

I've got to admit one of my favourite traditional stories is 'The Magic Porridge Pot'. Not everyone knows that one! Perhaps it's because I'd love to actually own one! I've searched for a copy of the story to share with my current Reception class but I haven't succeeded yet.

Kayley Sutcliffe (6L) wrote:

I love that story. I have got a copy of it on my house. If you want I could give to you for a copy so that you can read it to your class. 📚

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Mrs Cleary wrote:

I love the story of Little Red Riding Hood. My favourite part is when the wolf dresses up as Granny and puts on a silly voice!

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Will 6M wrote:

I would say my favourite tale would be Jack And The Beanstalk.

Liberty wrote:

I agree Will it's a good story!:-)

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Millie 5LC wrote:

Mine would have to be Little red riding hood, it is a very good book for children and adults I just love it. And i love 3 little pigs.

Izzy 4m wrote:

Me to millie

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Amira wrote:

My favourite book is called The Secret kitten by Holly Webb because I like the characters. My favourite kitten in the story is called catkin. She is a shy black and white kitten who becomes friends with a girl called Lucy.

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Anna Berry wrote:

The three little wolves and the BIG BAD pig.
Its funny when the pig blows the house down with dynamighte.

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Jayne Berry - Annas Mummy wrote:

My favourite traditional story is the Ugly Duckling.

It makes me feel sad at the beginning and happy at the end when he grows in to a swan.

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Ethan writes wrote:

My favourite story is Charlie and the chocolate factory because it's funny! I like it.

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Mrs Wilson wrote:

My favourite traditional story is Cinderella probably because I can remember my dad reading it to me when I was very young and it brings back happy memories. I'd also love to be swept off my feet by a handsome prince of course! (sorry to my husband for that one!)

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Mariyana wrote:

My favourite story is Cinerella. Because at the end she got her prince.

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Evie-2w wrote:

My favourite books are Ronald Dahl especially Matilda I've only watched the movie though but I'm sure the book reallllly good

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