What have you learned about Internet Safety Day?

Date: 9th Feb 2016 @ 3:33pm

Tuesday 9th February 2016 is Internet Safety Day. Children researched and made posters with top tips to help themselves safe online.

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Suman wrote:

I have learnt that if anyone is bullying ( or telling you to give your personal infor) then first take a screen shot, so you have evident, log off it and tell someone you can trust. You can block the user or delete them and never use your real name on the internet.

Miss Richards wrote:

I am very impressed Suman with your advice for keeping safe online. Absolutely brilliant!!

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Liberty wrote:

Year 6 learnt about cyber bullying and I learnt that you should never give your address on the internet otherwise people could find out where you live and you should never reply to a comment made about another person that is mean .If you do then tell an adult and report or block that person .

Miss Richards wrote:

Well done Liberty! You have learned some top tips for keeping safe online! Cyber Bulling is awful and can ruin peoples lives.

Kayley Sutcliffe (6L) wrote:

Just think, some people are being cyber bullied at this very moment and I wish I could help them.

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MULAIKA wrote:


Millie wrote:

It is before you say what's on your mind,ask yourself is it kind?

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Millie Crowther wrote:

I have learned if someone is ascing you for your personal info or just swearing or doing anything mean, DON'T delete it before you tell a guardian or carer because if you tell them they will not believe you and if they say "can I have the evidence?" You will have to say "I don't have the evidence." And your carer will not believe you.

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megan wrote:

I have learnt if somebody sends you an email or a video not to answer it and report it to an adult or an older brother or sister.

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