Where would you like to take our learning next?

Date: 9th Dec 2015 @ 2:23pm

Well done for a very busy term where you started our learning journey off with a BIG interest in spiders and other creepy crawlies...most seem to have disappeared! Where do you think they have gone? Why?

What would you like to find out about next?

Post your ideas on our blog to help get the next term started as soon as we arrive back after a well earned break.

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Mrs Cleary wrote:

I love the new garage you are making in your classroom and will be bringing my car in to be mended very soon!

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Suman(from year 6) wrote:

I am from year 6 but I am still interested in all the cute kid! It also brings back memories! I hope you are all having a great time playing in your little garage! As I can remember I loved the nature and all the animals so I suggest looking at different animals and collecting different kinds if leaves, will be a good topic! Have fun everyone!!!

Kayley Sutcliffe (6L) wrote:

I agree with that Suman! I wouldn't have thought of that

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