World War Two Topic!

Date: 7th Oct 2015 @ 8:16pm

This term we have been studying World War Two! We have used the topic to inspire lots of exciting learning opportunities! Some of the children's favourites have been designing their own Anderson Shelters using the Minecraft iPad app and dressing up as evacuees to visit the Stockport Air Raid Shelters.

Whilst on the trip  the children enjoyed an authentic 'rationed' lunch before experiencing a blackout down in the shelters- singing wartime songs to keep up morale! 

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Mrs Beddows wrote:

So, 5W, what is the best thing you have learnt about in this topic that you didn't know before?

Maariyah wrote:

The best thing that I have learnt is that they even need to ration clothes.

Anisa wrote:

I learnt that a baby boy was born in a Anderson shelter

Emily wrote:

I would agree with Maariyah , I didn't expect that and that fact is really cool I wonder what it felt like

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Mrs Gale wrote:

Here's a few questions to test your Geographical knowledge year 5...

Which rock is carved to create the air raid shelters in Stockport?

What does that tell you about what Stockport was like millions of years ago?

Name the main River running through Stockport.

Can you find the location of the air raid shelters on a map of Stockport?

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Millie 5LC wrote:

I loved the trip that year 5 went to the Anderson shelters. When ever I go to Stockport my dad is like Millie didn't you go there? And I want to go again. It is a very good experience to feel what it is like in ww2 in what they had to walk through sleep tight n when they get injured.

toby 5LC wrote:

I really enjoyed going there it was so much fun i loved it so much i begged my parents to go again. What was your favorite part and why?

Millie wrote:

My favourite part was when we walked into the actual shelters and it was scary but fun

Hayden 5lc wrote:

my favourite part was when we went down into the shelter but i was scared that it would brake on us ps; i don't like being in areas were you cant breath.

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Lybah wrote:

I learnt that they made rugs and hats with pegs and wool

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