Y6 SATs Survival Resources

Spelling Revision

In the SATs, children will be tested on spelling rules for Year 3, Year 4, Year 5 and Year 6.  Use our SATs Spelling Revision Resource to prepare your child at home.

On the guide, each of the spelling rules are outlined as well as words that meet the criteria of the rule - this will give you an idea of the words and patterns that can be practised at home.

It is worth being aware, that in the 2018 Spelling Test, 70% of the questions were from years 3 and 4 and 30% of the questions were from years 5 and 6. The trickiest spelling on the test was ‘inconceivable’ but often the full rule for ‘i’ before ‘e’ is missed out. It’s ‘i’ before ‘e’ except after ‘c’ when the sound is ‘ee.’

Top Tip!

The words below could be practised using look, cover, write, check. This could then be followed with the discussion of the rules that have been used


Arithmetic Revision

The first Maths test the children will be sitting will be the arithmetic paper. As the children sit 3 different Maths tests, and receive just one overall Maths score, we aim for the children to get as close to full marks on the arthimetic paper as they can. 

The arithmetic test has 36 questions, and is out of a total score of 40 (2 marks are awarded for correctly completing long multiplication and long division calculations using a written method). Usually, around half of the questions are division and fraction questions and so these questions are a big focus for us. 

Here you can find all sorts of different games that your children can play to help secure their knowledge of fractions, decimals, percentages and division. 



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Mean, Median, Mode & Range

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