Cheadle Mosque

Lesson: Religious education

Class: 4L Year: 2015 - 2016

Class 4R visited Cheadle Mosque as part of their R.E lessons about Islam. The children were split into 3 groups on arrival: 

  1. What a mosque is and what happens inside this religious building,
  2. The Arabic alphabet,
  3. Dressing up in clothes worn by Muslims and writing their name in Arabic.

The children had a great time! They listened well and really enjoyed learning about the customs practised inside a mosque, especially trying on different clothes, performing the wudu (ritual washing in preparation for prayer and worship) and pretending to be the Imam.

I would like to thank Arshad and his team of helpers at the mosque who made us feel very welcome. Please click on the tab below to see  a video of Lara performing wudu and view the many photos of our visit.

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