Macclesfield Heritage Centre visit 2018

Lesson: History

Class: 2W Year: 2018 - 2019

On Thursday 22nd November we had a lovely visit to Macclesfield to find out what life was like for children during Victorian Times.The students were very well behaved and took part in three different activities during the course of the day. One of the activities was participating in a lesson in the Victorian school room. The children followed the strict dress and behaviour codes and learnt to use slates, as well as dipping pens. They also visited the Brocklehurst's Parlour, with 'Polly' the house keeper, who taught them about how Christmas was celebrated by both rich and poor children. The third activity was a visit to the nearby silk mill, where we found out about the life cycle of silk worms, how silk is produced and how different people were employed in the factories around Macclesfield. Many thanks to our tremendous parent helpers and very sorry we couldn't take all of you along!