Year 2 visit to Chester Zoo 2019

Lesson: Science

Class: 2W Year: 2018 - 2019

On Thursday 7th March Year 2 pupils visited Chester Zoo to find out more about the animals, their habitats and the threats that many of them face. Despite the weather (it rained - A LOT!) we had a fantastic day, as there were only 1000 people in the whole zoo and we were able to go around all of the exhibits really quickly, seeing far more than we have done on previous visits.

While there, the children used the IPADs to develop their photography skills and learnt to edit, crop and delete photographs. There are some amazing shots from the day and I am sure you will agree that we have some budding photographers in our midst!

Many thanks to all of our adult helpers - you were amazing and managed to keep the children's enthuiasm up despite the cold, wet weather.