Digital Leaders

Who are the Digital Leaders?

We are a group of children who are wonderfully talented and enthusiastic towards computing and technology. We are always willing to share our knowledge and support the teaching and learning of computing across our school. We support our class mates when technology is used in class, as well as showcasing examples of what is possible and achievable with technology.

To gain this role, we had to apply by using ICT creatively to demonstrate which skills we already had, and what we would like to extend. We meet weekly to share our new learning, trial new software, keep the website and iPads up to date and even support our teachers in their teaching of computing!

We hope that this page keeps you up to date with all things digital!

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Primary School

East Avenue, Heald Green, Stockport, SK8 3DL

Telephone | 0161 437 1792

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Headteacher | Cathy Beddows