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At Etchells Primary School the values of inclusion and diversity underpinning our school ethos. Our vision is for every child to fulfil their academic potential, regardless of socioeconomic background and for them to make at least good progress from their starting point and to enable them to be competent, confident pupils who achieve. Culture capital is at the forefront of this vision, ensuring that all children have their aspirational hopes raised. Moreover, our cultural knowledge serves as a tool that helps us to navigate the experiences and opportunities available to the children in our school. 

To ensure that our approaches are effective we will:

  • Make pupil premium and disadvantage a priority throughout school so that all bodies involved recognise and work to close the learning gap.
  • Ensure that all stakeholders understand what it is like to be ‘living in poverty’ and that this is taken into consideration when planning learning activities as well as extra-curricular events.
  • As class teachers, ensure that data tracking shows progress being made or barriers to learning for those identified as pupil premium.
  • Complete rigorous pupil progress meetings where the progress of those children identified as pupil premium is scrutinised and barriers are discussed.
  • Analyse data and look for patterns or trends across school.
  • Utilise high quality interventions, which will be planned to support the progress of any children who had a barrier to learning, including those identified as pupil premium. 
  • Ensure that well-being is a priority and support is in place for those who need it.
  • Ensure that attendance is a key priority across all children in school, including those who are pupil premium.
  • Allocate a senior leader within school to take responsibility for pupil premium. This person will monitor the progress of these children and support the strategic planning of spending decisions.
  • Allocate a named governor with responsibility for overseeing pupil premium.
  • Ensure that Pupil Premium spending is reviewed yearly and that interventions being used are effectively closing the learning gap.
  • Clearly and closely monitor the Pupil premium strategy.

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