Maths Curriculum Leaders: Mrs. Wilson, Mrs. Collins and Mrs. Roberts



Curriculum intent for Maths

Intent - Through our Maths teaching, we aim for all of our pupils to become fluent in the key concepts of Maths. We aim for our pupils to develop their Mathematical reasoning by recognising relationships, making generalisations and proving their thinking.  Teachers introduce and discuss Mathematical vocabulary and stem sentences throughout each topic, actively encouraging the pupils to make use of this terminology when discussing their thinking. In addition to this, we aim to give our pupils the confidence to solve Mathematical problems using a range of strategies and manipulatives.

Implementation - In EYFS Maths is promoted within the environment and children are taught key number skills. From Year 1, it is taught using a ‘mastery’ approach focussing on fluency, reasoning and problem solving. Mathematical knowledge and skills are embedded across the curriculum to promote Mathematical understanding.  Throughout the school, pupils are taught using the process of “concrete, pictorial and abstract” where manipulatives are readily available for all children to use and diagrams represent numbers in a range of different ways. Through our topic based curriculum, we apply Maths in other subjects such as: Science, Geography and History to ensure our pupils see the important real life contexts of maths learning.


At Etchells we want all children to develop a love and enthusiasm for Mathematics. We aim to challenge children through a range of problem solving and reasoning activities in order to deepen their knowledge.

Teachers at Etchells use a variety of teaching styles to meet the needs of each child. In each lesson the children have the opportunity to use a range of practical equipment such as number lines, number squares, bead strings and numicon, they are also able to use ICT where appropriate. We also ensure that the children have the opportunity to apply their mathematical knowledge to every day situations.

We are basing some of our teaching on the White Rose materials but also have guidance from local maths advisors. Currently, we are involved in an NCETM Maths Mastery programme to develop our teaching.

We are beginning to put together a list of useful inks to websites and online activities to support your child in the development of their maths skills. Here are some of the suggestions we have so far. If you know of any others please feel free to contact the school and these will be added in. Many thanks

Another useful site for activities is the BBC bitesize website below.


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