Mrs Gale - Geography Lead

Curriculum Intent

At Etchells we aim to use the KNOW, EXPLORE, COMMUNICATE Ethos which is embedded throughout our school. Geography will open our children’s eyes to the diverse physical beauty of their locality both in Heald Green and beyond.  Through the curriculum, our children will experience, at first hand, the Peak District National Park, our local area (geographically and historically), travel links with Manchester Airport and the impact human geography has upon the physical. Through an enquiry based curriculum, with a key focus on local fieldwork, they will develop a deep knowledge of place so they learn to value and appreciate the uniqueness of where they live and our school community. We want Etchells’ children to be deeply curious about how physical and human events in the wider world connect to them. We want our children to be deep critical thinkers, able to collect, analyse, interpret and communicate with a range of data gathered through fieldwork experiences. As they develop geographical enquiry skills, they will actively search out differing viewpoints and bias, having an awareness of not taking ‘facts’ at face value. We use enrichment days to immerse our children in geography through a knowledge-rich curriculum, giving them a progressive sense of place, moving from local to national to global. This will allow them to study diverse places, people and environments, so they develop a deep understanding of how physical and human geography interact, all taught within a flexible content that responds to the ever-changing world.


How does the Early Years Curriculum get our pupils ready for the Y1-6 Curriculum?         

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Foundations for Geography in EYFS

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