Performance Club

Performance club runs year-round on a Tuesday after school led by Miss Wilson and is open to all children in Years 2-6. The children learn songs and dances from popular musicals as well as working on their drama skills, reading scripts and playing games. Each term ends with a performance to adults.

Performance club is a great way for children to have fun and explore their creativity in a safe environment. The children get to work across age groups and get to know the younger and older children in school, learning about cooperation, working together as a team, sharing ideas, and supporting each other. They also learn how to take turns and listen to others. All of these skills are important in both school and beyond.

Performance club is a great way to build other life skills too! Drama teaches children how to express themselves and think creatively. It can also help children to boost their emotional literacy, which includes how to express themselves and their emotions. Research has also shown that performance classes help improve a child's language and literacy skills. As well as developing stronger reading skills in younger children, drama classes can also help children to become more confident and expressive when communicating.

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