How to help at home.

Starting school is very exciting but might also seem a little daunting (especially for parents!) so here are a few areas where you can help at home.

  • Recognising their name (starting with initial letter, then first name, then full name) - this will help your child with finding their drawer & peg, knowing which jumper or cardigan is theirs etc.
  • Which brings me on to... PLEASE label ALL their belongings! The children can get upset when they can't find their belongings and parents get upset when brand new items go missing! 
  • Putting on their coat by themselves and learning how to fasten it.
  • Putting shoes on the right feet (please remember no shoe laces!)
  • Getting changed into PE kit - this takes LOTS of practice - learning how to take each item of uniform off, how to turn it the right way round if it is inside out and folding it into a neat pile so that nothing gets mixed up with anyone else's clothes!

WOW! So many things to do independently! We of course will help at first but the sooner your child is able to do these things by themselves the better it is for them (and the teachers!!!)

Many thanks for all your help and support at home. As always it is a strong partnership between home and school that makes the biggest impact on your child's learning and development so Thank you!

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